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Unreal Engine 4
Khanh Dat Ho

Cinematic was part of my Independent Studies (IND) at SAE QANTM.

I decided to explore UE4's matinee system, used to create cinematics, along with research into different disciplines such as film, audio and lighting. This was to enrich my cinematic that I created throughout the course of Inedepent Studies and help overall with learning UE4. I was limited with my cinematic choices as I sourced characters, animations and audio online.

Models provided by Mixamo Animation Pack, death animation provided by Animation Starter Pack (both available in the UE4 Marketplace).

Special thanks to Cyrian Guillaume for assistance with animation retargeting and lighting.

  • UE4's Matinee system for cinematics
  • Character and camera movement
  • Audio and night-time lighting
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