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Unreal Engine 4
Demon Theory

BEAST is a 3-player Cooperative ARPG where the players take control one of the classes available - the Warrior, the Revealer and the Baiter - and must combine their efforts to take down the BEAST.

BEAST was part of the Interactive Entertainment Project (IEP) at SAE QANTM. It was inspired by Monster Hunter - the idea of teaming up together to take down monsters for extreme, grindy fun.

I teamed up with 6 other students, 3 designers and 3 animators, to form the team Demon Theory and create our game for our final project.

All tasks were done using UE4's Blueprints, which also made it designer and animator friendly as no C++ coding was involved.

  • Implementing gameplay mechanics from design documentation
  • Use of UE4's Blueprints system
  • Networking and game replication
  • AI using UE4's Behaviour Trees and NavMesh
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