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Audio Editor
Visual Studio C#
Khanh Dat Ho


Audio Editor was created as part of learning about Rapid Applications Development (RAD).

The intention was to create a 3D user-oriented tool, using Winforms/WPF and C# as the coding language. I chose to do something audio-oriented for users looking to edit their audio. For example cutting audio segments and changing variables for volume and pitch.

I used NAudio and the WPF Sound Visualization libraries as foundation for my editor. I also implemented many user features such as drag and drop, audio recording and file I/O.

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the editor with all the intended functionality.

  • Rapid Applications Development
  • Developing a tool in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • User interface and features
  • Audio recording (.wav) and loading (.mp3, .wav)
  • Audio visualisation
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